9 Best US Cities to Move to in 2022 for Job Opportunities

Should you consider moving to another city? If so, which one? If you are planning on looking for work in the next couple of years, it’s important to know that some cities offer better job opportunities than others. A number of factors can influence the employment market and determine how easy it is to find a good job and keep it once you get it. The following nine cities are the best places to move if you’re looking for work in 2022.

1) Des Moines, Iowa

Job opportunity is a major deciding factor when picking where to move. The nine best cities to move to by 2022 are: Des Moines, Iowa; Sarasota, Florida; Cary, North Carolina; Longmont, Colorado; Surprise, Arizona; Davenport-Moline-Rock Island, Iowa-Illinois; Dayton, Ohio; Lubbock, Texas and Irvine Rancho Santa Margarita. These metro areas are projected to offer the best job opportunities that will thrive during the next decade.

2) Buffalo, New York

If you’re looking for a city with job opportunities and affordable housing, Buffalo is a great place to look. If you need an entry-level job, healthcare, or college degree programs; this Midwest city is one of the best places to live. There are plenty of arts and culture events happening year round. The cost of living is 10% lower than the national average making it easy to save money while also still enjoying life!

Indianapolis, Indiana: Indianapolis has seen its population increase by over 2 million people since 2000. One of the reasons why so many people move here is because they can find work here no matter what industry they work in – from higher paying jobs to service industries such as retail and hospitality that offer more jobs per capita than other areas. Plus, Indiana has some of the lowest property taxes in the country so your monthly mortgage payment will be significantly less than what you would pay elsewhere.

3) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is a great place if you’re looking for job opportunities because it has experienced a significant increase in employment since the beginning of the recession. In 2007, Pittsburgh’s unemployment rate was around five percent. But by 2012, the region had reduced its unemployment rate by at least three points to just four percent! The state of Pennsylvania, as well as its largest city, doesn’t have any income tax. This helps ease some of the financial burden that employees may experience when they move here.

4) Provo, Utah

If you’re wondering which city will give you the best chances of success, Provo, Utah may be your answer. The median household income is $65,000 and the unemployment rate sits at 2.8%. One of the main industries this Utah town is focused on is technology: with Facebook, Google Fiber and Twitter all operating out of Provo.

This makes it a great place for software developers and those in data analytics. It’s also one of the fastest-growing cities in America. So if you are looking for new opportunities that will keep your career moving forward, Provo might be a good option.

5) Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, and it has a booming job market with many different industries hiring. The city attracts professionals from all backgrounds, largely due to its rich cultural diversity. Austin features a vibrant urban lifestyle with plenty of opportunities for entertainment, nightlife, cuisine, and outdoor activities.

6) Springfield, Missouri

Springfield has recently seen more job growth than it had been historically, and many people are attributing this to the low cost of living, quick commute times, and easy access to recreational spots like Lake Springfield. So if you’re looking for a town that is seeing a lot of opportunities for people who work hard, this is the place! 1) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Despite being located in the Midwest and suffering from an oil downturn in recent years, Oklahoma City is one of the top contenders for best cities to move to in 2022.

7) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The Oklahoma City metro area is home to a wealth of jobs and opportunities. The metro area has an unemployment rate of just 2.6%. – Oklahoma City provides affordable housing prices, an average cost of living at 79% below the national average, and one of the best workplace cultures in the country. Denver, Colorado: Denver ranked among the top 10 large cities with population growth. It also boasts a very low unemployment rate of 3.2%, the second lowest in this list after Oklahoma City.

Denver is also ranked as the 12th most educated city in America according to Wallet Hub’s report on America’s Most Educated Cities. With more than 100 post-secondary institutions, it’s no wonder so many people are making their way here!

8) Phoenix, Arizona

The economy of Phoenix is primarily based on various types of manufacturing (30%), educational and health services (23%), and professional, scientific, and technical services (17%). It also has a fairly diverse economy due to the huge number of international corporations that have set up operations within the city. The median income for individuals residing in Phoenix is higher than the national average.

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9) Greensboro, North Carolina

If you’re looking for a large city with plenty of opportunities and a low cost of living, Greensboro is the place for you. One of the biggest benefits of living in Greensboro is that it’s less than two hours from Atlanta, Charlotte, and Raleigh—three major cities with thriving economies. Also keep in mind that North Carolina has no state income tax. Greensboro is also one of the least crowded metro areas in the country.

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