How Small Ecommerce Businesses Can Improve Their Supply Chain

Managing smooth supply chain operations has proven difficult for many small e-commerce businesses. This leaves small businesses vulnerable to inevitable global supply chain challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. While it may appear that only large companies are affected, these supply chain disruptions also affect small businesses.

Due to shortages of raw materials and products, delays in manufacturing and shipping, and increasing costs overall, most small businesses do not have the infrastructure that larger companies can rely on.

This article explores some improvements small businesses can take to protect their businesses from supply chain issues.

Product Procurement

Most supply chains start with procurement. This means researching and selecting suppliers that provide the goods and supplies your business needs. This includes finished goods to raw materials.

Supply chain disruptions can cause supplier delays and product shortages. Small businesses have fewer relationships with suppliers and are more likely to go out of business quickly. Larger competitors, on the other hand, have more credible assets.

With the potential for no materials or products to sell, small businesses face a cash flow disruption, leading to the closure of many businesses during the pandemic. Finding the right supplier to partner with and making sure production can continue in the event of problems or disruptions is key.

Logistics outsourcing

Outsourcing logistics operations can help solve challenges such as resource shortages by offloading back-end complexity to experts. In addition to fulfillment and delivery, there are many logistics processes that can be outsourced, such as customs clearance, import/export documentation, shipment consolidation, storage, and product packaging.

Warehousing and inventory management processes are typically outsourced to third-party logistics companies such as Simple Global.

How Simple Global Helps Supply Chain Operations

Simple Global integrates your online store with your WMS to enable order consolidation, item consolidation, and customized solutions. And with automated picking, packing, and shipping workflows, you can focus only on front-end tasks like branding and marketing, and operate seamlessly and efficiently.

All-in-one WMS portal dashboard provides real-time view of orders and fulfillment processes, and the ability to import or export selected data. Complete transparency puts the knowledge and awareness of all fulfillment operations at your fingertips, from anywhere.

We continuously innovate and improve operational efficiency. Simple Globe’s business concept is to optimize technologies that can effectively support growth and change in order to meet the changing dynamics of the market and improve the quality of our services and solutions.

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