TOP 10 Employment Agencies Abroad

More than 3 million citizens of the CIS annually are interested in looking for work abroad, mainly in North-Eastern Europe. The demand is driven by the conditions and the level of wages offered, starting from 1,000 euros for unskilled labor and from 2,100 euros for the services of candidates with specialized higher education and work experience. The growing economic crisis in the CIS countries, the shortage of high-paying offers and regular reductions along with the increase in the cost of utilities, the consumer basket are forced to look for better employment opportunities abroad.

The main mistakes of novice migrants are the inability to detect fraud and correctly collect all permits. Non-compliance with immigration laws is severely punished abroad – fines, arrest, deportation and a ban on entry. To avoid fraud and informal employment, foreigners can use the services of recruitment agencies – special companies that help officially and safely get a job abroad for specialists with different work experience and education.

Let’s take a closer look at the TOP 10 employment agencies abroad in 2022:

BVS Rabota

is a licensed intermediary providing employment services abroad for over 10 years. 6,000 clients found work, helped to open more than 4,000 work and Schengen visas. They provide qualified assistance in choosing vacancies, preparing the necessary permits, organizing transfers, etc. They have more than 30 representative offices in Ukraine and 1 in Lithuania.

Gremi Personal

is a Polish company providing employment services to foreigners (including those from Ukraine), with a local office in Gdansk. They cooperate with more than 600 agencies and provide vacancies mainly for unskilled specialists.

Union Job

is a Ukrainian intermediary specializing in the selection of vacancies in Germany for Ukrainians. Officially employed 5,000 clients, cooperate with more than 150 foreign employers. Applicants are offered a full package of support from consultation to the preparation of permits, visas and transfer arrangements.

Gold Work

they specialize in recruiting personnel for employers from the European Union, the selection of vacancies is carried out depending on the wishes and qualifications of the applicant.

Euro Group

is one of the most popular recruitment agencies with a local office in Kyiv. Provide services for employment abroad, including – consultations, organization of interviews, obtaining visas, permits, invitations from employers.

Work Life

is an international Polish company with operating offices in Ukraine. They have a wide variety of job vacancies in Poland, they have been officially working since 2016. Actively enter into cooperation agreements with new Polish employers.

East West Link

is a Polish intermediary with over 13 years of experience in the labor market. During its work, more than 100 thousand people were officially employed.


is a consulting company from Slovakia, operating in the labor market since 2005. They provide qualified assistance in the development of business in European countries through hired employees from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

UAB Rinama

is a Lithuanian intermediary that provides services for working abroad for citizens of the CIS countries, including consulting on the selection of vacancies, obtaining permits, medical insurance, booking accommodation and tickets. The office is located in the city of Vilnius.

Pentax Oy

is a Finnish agency specializing in recruitment for construction companies. Employ specialists with different experience and qualifications.

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