Top 10 Startups in Japan

The Japanese startup ecosystem continues to evolve and develop, with a positive outlook. In his latest StartupBlink’s “Best Cities for Startups” ranking, Tokyo ranked 15th among 1000 cities in the world, ahead of Shenzhen and Seoul.

Fintech is a major industry with a rapidly expanding market in Tokyo, which is aiming to become an international financial city.

In this article, we introduce 10 Japanese fintech companies to watch in 2022.

Top 10 Startups

Top 10 Fintech Startups in Japan

Fintech is an instituted word that joins money and innovation. Fintech, which combines the latest IT technology and financial services, will bring about positive changes to the economy, such as making people’s lives more convenient and improving the efficiency and productivity of companies.

Moneytree Co.

Ltd. Develops and operates a household account book app that can centrally manage multiple financial services with “Moneytree” and a financial data platform “Moneytree LINK”. Founded in Tokyo in 2012, it has a subsidiary in Australia and is made up of multinational members.

Kyash Co.

 Ltd. With the vision of “creating a new money culture,” the payment and remittance app “Kyash” was born in 2015. In addition to using the app as a virtual card, we issue real Visa prepaid cards.

Paidy Co., Ltd. Paidy

is a popular service that allows you to shop using your mobile phone number and email address. In 2014, we launched a service that allows you to pay at convenience stores, bank transfers, and account transfers without the need for credit cards or pre-registration. In September 2021, PayPal, a major US payment company, announced its acquisition and became a hot topic.


,Ltd. Provides an online international money transfer service from Japan to overseas and a credit scoring “JPY Trust Score” for foreign residents. At Japan’s largest fintech conference co-sponsored by Nihon Keizai Shimbun and the Financial Services Agency, it has been selected as one of the startups expected to grow in 2021 and is attracting attention.


Ltd. Established in 2019 with the vision of supporting the lives of foreigners living in Japan in Japan. We provide financial services (prepaid card) “choy-san” for foreigners living in Japan and mobile app “BNPJ (Buy Now Pay in Japan)” for foreigners living in Japan or coming to Japan.

Enpay Co.

,Ltd. “Enpay” realizes cashless and DX collection operations. Established in 2018, we provide business efficiency services that specialize in collecting fees at educational facilities such as schools, cram schools, and lessons classes. In 2021, won 3rd place at the ICC Summit KYOTO2021 “Startup Catapult”.

Susten Capital Management Co., Ltd.

Established in 2019 with the aim of providing investment management services recommended by family and friends. In September 2021, it is a notable company that was introduced in Weekly Toyo Keizai’s “Amazing Venture 100”. We provide “SUSTEN”, a fully performance-based discretionary asset management service.

Hash Port Co.

, Ltd. With the goal of “digitizing all assets”, a solution provider that develops wallet system business for crypto asset exchange industry and block chain consulting business.

Kane no Design Co., Ltd.

Established in 2013, provides investment agency service “THEO” by AI-equipped robo-advisor. It is easy to start with a smartphone, the minimum investment amount is 100,000 yen, and the theme is “automated asset management with professionals and AI”.

Invest Design Co

, Ltd. Offers “monect,” an inter-corporation payment service that integrates all quotations, purchase orders, and invoices generated between contractors and orders, and realizes DX accounting operations. Founded in 2020, it is a notable company that was nominated for the 2021 business contest “STARTUP PITCH CONTEST” sponsored by Nikkei Shimbun.

Focus on Fintech Startups in Tokyo Aiming to Become Asia’s Financial Hub

Tokyo, which aims to become an international financial center open to the world alongside New York and London, is attracting more and more attention from investors around the world. In Japan, it is believed that if infrastructure development in terms of taxation and procedures progresses, the expansion of overseas financial companies will be promoted.

Until now, most of the world’s venture capital investments in fintech have been concentrated in the United States, the United Kingdom, and China. Tokyo, which has established itself as a financial hub in Asia, is expected to grow in the future as the Japanese government provides support to entrepreneurs such as fintech startups.

If the demand for fintech continues to grow, Tokyo could become a more attractive city as a global fintech hub in the near future.

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