What is an influencer in the first place? Do you have a definition?

It has been about three years since the word “influencer” began to permeate the general public, but now it has become an important position that plays the role of a splendid advertising tower.

Since there is no end to the number of young people who aspire to become influencers, it is expected that the scale will continue to expand.

Here, for those who are interested in influencers but do not understand the details, we will explain the basics from definitions to overviews in an easy-to-understand manner.

This is useful information for those who want to become influencers, so please take a look.

What is an influencer?

Influencers are people who have tremendous support and influence in each community.

Until the spread of SNS as it is today, celebrities, athletes, and cultural figures who appear on TV played the role of influencers. However, now that anyone can widely disseminate information to the world using Twitter, Instagram, etc., an environment has been created in which ordinary users can play an active role as influencers.

And by introducing products by such general user influencers, it has become possible to give advertisements a “word-of-mouth element from familiar people” that is different from advertisements carried out by celebrities. Companies and the advertising industry took note of this point, leading to a major revolution in the world of marketing.

In this way, ordinary users began to have a strong influence on the world because the blog administrators who were called alpha bloggers and power bloggers when the Internet began to spread and personal blogs became popular.

Currently, even among influencers, unique names have been created depending on the SNS media they use, such as You Tubers on YouTube, Instagrammers on Instagram, and Tiktokers on tiktok.

What are the conditions to be called an influencer?

Speaking of influencers, we get the impression that they are charismatic figures in each industry with hundreds of thousands of followers on SNS, but in reality, it is possible to become an influencer even if the number of followers is less than 10,000.

In influencer marketing activities, the higher the number of followers, the wider the reach of information, but the percentage of engagement (reactions from followers) tends to be low. Conversely, the smaller the number of followers, the narrower the reach of information, but the higher the engagement rate. This is believed to be due to the close proximity between influencers and followers.

It doesn’t matter which is better or worse, but the conditions for being an influencer change depending on how you set the range and community you want to deliver information to.

Influencers are classified into four types according to the number of followers.

Top Influencer with more than 1 million followers

A “top influencer” is an influencer among influencers that the general public thinks of. At this level, popular celebrities who frequently appear on TV account for the majority, followed by famous You Tubers.

Middle influencer with over 100,000 followers

The number of general users will increase from “middle influencers”, and word-of-mouth aspects will be included in advertising activities. There are many cases around this time where people enter the entertainment world based on their popularity as influencers.

Micro-influencers with more than 10,000 followers

“Micro-influencers” are at the stage where the scale of activities as influencers is becoming wider and larger. Sometimes companies directly request projects, and depending on the information you send, it is possible to reach middle influencers at once.

Nano-influencers with less than 10,000 followers

Most of the “nano-influencers” are general users. Rather than being widely recognized in general, he is a person known in a certain genre/community.


What is the difference from Ambassador?

There are people called “ambassadors” who have a position and activities very similar to those of influencers.

Although the content of the activity is the same as “promoting products to one’s followers and appealing to them to purchase through information media such as SNS”, the biggest difference between the two is the strength of the connection with the advertised product/company. is.

Influencers generally conduct one-off, short-term promotional activities in response to requests from clients such as companies. On the other hand, ambassadors carry out promotional activities for specific products and brands over the long term, from several months to several years.

Ambassadors are generally prohibited from making references to competitors during the term of their contract. Ambassadors are required to be true fans of the products they promote, or have loyalty to the brand, as they are much more limited in what they can do compared to influencers.

As a result, in the eyes of the advertised followers, the information appears to be reliable and reliable.

 It is recommended to belong to an office

If you are aiming to become an influencer, or are currently starting out as an influencer, we recommend that you apply for each project yourself or belong to an influencer office where you can get mediation. .

The influencer marketing industry is now reaching maturity and the system has been established, so the limits of individual activities are quickly becoming visible.

Even if you dream of a tie-up with a famous company and try to step up, a request is brought to a famous influencer by name for a project of a certain size or more. Therefore, it can be said that building a career at an influencer office that always holds corporate projects in multiple genres is a shortcut to becoming a famous influencer.

There are many influencer offices, and there are differences in the genre of projects they handle, the number of people they belong to, and the range of support they can provide. Choose from multiple options to find the office that best suits you. If you are not particular about the genre of the project, we recommend an office that deals with as wide a range of industries as possible.


Influencers are people whose remarks and actions have the power to spread influence over the world, and currently their popularity is increasing mainly on SNS such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Currently, there are many influencers among general users, and word-of-mouth information dissemination has a tremendous effect on marketing.

Influencers are ranked into four categories, top influencers, middle influencers, micro influencers, and nano influencers, according to the number of followers on the SNS they use.

If you are aiming to become an influencer from now on, it is recommended that you belong to an influencer office that holds many corporate projects. By accepting projects that suit your stage and accumulating your career, you will be able to steadily step up your career.

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