What is MEO? Measures to start now if you have a Physical store

The use of the Internet is one of the indispensable measures for store promotion staff. Sales will be affected by how well you can get your target customers to know about the existence of your store. Many people in charge of promotion are focusing on website SEO measures and acquiring followers on SNS, etc., and are working to increase the recognition of the store as much as possible.

If you have a store, it is also recommended to focus on MEO, which is the SEO of Google My Business, which is useful for local business information. If you implement MEO that is effective in attracting customers to your store, you can expect to convert highly motivated users who search for keywords into customers. This time, I will explain what MEO can do.

What is MEO?

MEO is an acronym for Map Engine Optimization, which is search engine optimization for Google Maps. Also known as Local SEO.

On Google, if you search by combining area names such as “Sapporo” and “Meguro” with stores and facilities such as “interior shops” and “otolaryngology”, you will find stores and facilities registered in Google My Business along with Google Maps .This search result shows not only the name of the store or facility, but also the phone number and address along with the map. If search users are interested, they will be able to use Google Maps to navigate to the store in that flow, so you can expect effective customer attraction.

Searching for local stores and inspections in this way is called *”local search”*, and it can be said that it is attractive to be able to respond to searches by users who are about to act. In the same way that SEO is necessary for natural search measures, it is easier to stand out and attract more customers than other stores if you get high rankings for this “local search” as well. MEO, which is a measure to obtain high ranking in local search, is attracting attention as an effective means of increasing the rate of attracting customers like SEO.

Difference from SEO

Both SEO and MEO are common in that they are measures to aim for higher display. So what is the difference? I’ve picked up the differences below.

MEO is only for items with physical stores

MEO supports local searches only for stores and facilities that have actual buildings. For example, restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, etc. can benefit from MEO. Items that do not have physical stores, such as mail-order shops, cannot be displayed on the map. SEO, on the other hand, is applicable to all industries.

MEO is for stores registered with Google My Business

MEO can aim for high rankings for information on stores and facilities registered in Google My Business. In order to do MEO, you must first register your store in Google My Business. SEO is just to increase the search ranking of the web page, and if you have a page , you can work on measures.

Target display position is different

The difference between MEO and SEO is the display position of search results. MEO is aiming for the position where Google My Business information is posted with a map above the search results of natural search. On the other hand, SEO aims at the top of the search results of the natural search under Google My Business.

Ease of producing results

SEO needs to allow for a long time to see results. The time required varies greatly depending on the difficulty of the keyword, but it may take more than a year. On the other hand, MEO may be able to confirm the effect in about one month. The local search that MEO addresses is a search that narrows down the area, and the number of competing stores is limited. In the case of SEO, it is basically a battle for ranking with competitors outside the area, so it is not always possible to obtain results smoothly.

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