What you need to know about Life Insurance?

In order to choose the right insurance for you, the basics of insurance you want to know first. We collect useful information and hints to solve your worries when considering insurance.

What is life insurance in the first place?

Although I vaguely feel that “I have to get insurance just in case…”, it seems somewhat difficult when I think about choosing. First of all, let’s know from the place “What is insurance?”

Why should I have insurance?

Our lives are surrounded by various risks (unexpected things that happen by chance).

For example…

Illness/Injury Risk

This is the risk that an illness or injury will interfere with your daily life.

In addition to the cost of treatment, your income may be reduced while you are hospitalized or outpatient. What is often overlooked is the cost of living while hospitalized. Extraordinary expenses, such as taxi fares for hospital visits and hotel bills for accompanying family members, can take a heavy toll on the household budget.

Risk of death

It is a risk to the life of the bereaved family if something should happen. When the head of the household dies, it is a big problem how to manage the future large expenses such as family life and children’s school fees.

Longevity risk

It is an economic risk in life in old age. As the average life expectancy has increased, people will no longer be able to earn an income through work, so there is concern about not only the cost of living, but also the cost of nursing care should it .become necessary. There is insurance as a way to prepare for such risks related to money in advance.

Is saving money not enough to prepare for risks?

Savings and insurance are considered ways to prepare for risks. Savings such as deposits are generally saved little by little, such as transferring tens of thousands of yen to a bank account every month. If something happens while you are saving, the bereaved family will be in trouble because the money does not reach the required amount.

On the other hand, insurance can decide the amount of money that can be received in advance. In the unlikely event that something happens, regardless of how much premiums you have paid up to that point, you can receive a pre-determined amount of money, such as 5 million yen or 10 million yen. Understand the difference between savings and insurance and learn how to prepare for life’s risks.

What should I consider when choosing insurance?

When choosing insurance, first think about who would be in trouble if something were to happen to you. Then you can see the necessary coverage, that is, the insurance you should join.

for example…

When I was single in my 20s .Even if you are not currently concerned about your health, you cannot predict illness or injury. Rather than having a large death benefit for your parents, it is better to have medical coverage for yourself to cover hospitalization and other expenses.

When you get married and have a larger family?

If something should happen to you, the bereaved family can be expected to have a hard time living. Also, I want to prepare for the education expenses of young children until they grow up. If the child becomes independent and becomes only a married couple

When you no longer need a large death benefit, think about your life after retirement. You will also need funds to support your life after retirement and security to prepare for nursing care.

In this way, the content of the necessary insurance changes at each stage of life.

When should I purchase insurance?

In general, many people consider insurance when they get a job, get married, or give birth.

When you have an important event in your life, it seems like it’s a good time to think about insurance.

When you become a member of society

Even if you become financially independent, it may be difficult to save for a while. Be prepared for unexpected expenses due to unforeseen illness or injury.

when i get married

If you have insurance that you have taken out so far, let’s check the contents once based on your future life plan. If you do not have insurance, you will need to prepare funds to support the lives of your bereaved family in the unlikely event that something happens to you.

When a child is born

In the event of an emergency, it is important to ensure that the life of the bereaved family is not disturbed. Also, I would like to think about the future of my child and prepare for education funds systematically.

When children are independent

In many cases, you will not need a large death benefit, so let’s check the details of the insurance you’ve taken out so far. Think about your life after retirement and prepare security for life in old age and nursing care.

It is recommended to apply for insurance before your birthday.

In most cases, life insurance premiums will increase as you get older, even if the coverage is the same. This is because insurance premiums are calculated according to risk for each age group. Insurance premiums are calculated based on your age on the contract date, so if your birthday is close, we recommend that you complete the procedures so that the contract will be concluded before your birthday.

Cane before falling, insurance while “healthy” As you get older, your risk of illness and injury increases. In many cases, it is necessary to declare a “health condition” when applying for insurance. Get insurance while you are still healthy so that you don’t regret it after getting sick or injured. *There is insurance that you can apply for even if you have a pre-existing condition

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